Mara started her design education at the age of 11 when a hand-me-down computer loaded with Adobe programs entered her home. Mara fell in love with her new creative tools and spent countless hours tinkering, experimenting, and making weird and wonderful things. She created websites and zines about her favorite things (tributes to a wide variety of embarrassing interests such as 90's grunge, Harry Potter, and boy bands), and was the only student in her class with elaborate visuals to accompany her assignments.

Fast forward to today, Mara—now an nine-year design professional—is currently working as an Art Director at Udemy. She lives in San Francisco, California and enjoys cooking, traveling and the great outdoors. She has lost interest in boy bands (mostly). 

I can’t imagine what our marketing design would look like without Mara (actually I can - and it would be awful) Mara came in and from Day 1 was driving our designs - and our brand - forward. Mara has had an absolutely HUGE impact at Udemy.

- Archie, Director of Growth

As a copywriter, I had the pleasure of working closely with Mara on many creative projects. I found her to be an extremely talented designer with a firm grasp of our brand (in fact, as one of ModCloth's earlier employees, she was partly responsible for building the brand's image), and someone that others on her team gravitated to for mentoring. There's no doubt in my mind that Mara has both the skill set and the natural leadership abilities to flourish in a directorial role.

- Richard, Senior Copywriter

Mara is a wonderful creative talent and I enjoy working with her. She is very reliable and is an awesome teammate. She has that rare ability to mix an aesthetically pleasing design with one that can also lead to conversions.

- Jen, Marketing Manager