The Wordwise app is a fun way to build your vocabulary in your spare time. The design of the app is based of the principle that associating visual elements such as color an pattern to a piece of information will help you remember and recall that information when presented with those same visual elements.

The player starts by creating a word deck. They will decide what type of words they want in the deck (they can choose to learn basic words from the dictionary, more challenging words to help prepare them for SATs, or even new and interesting slang from Urban Dictionary) then choose the number of cards in their deck based on the amount of time they have to play.

A word deck is then created from their selections. If the user has chosen a 10 card deck, a deck is made with 10 different words each with a different patterned background.

The backgrounds are created by randomly assigning a word to two colors of a 6 color palette in conjunction with one of five patterns in one of three sizes. These ingredients can be combined in infinite solutions to create a unique background for every word in the deck.

After the player reviews the words and definitions in their deck, they are tested on how well they can recall that information. The player is presented with definitions and backgrounds and asked to select the associated word.